Fresh air Fresh minds

Today was spent in one our city’s best parks. To top it off the kids had a new longgg slidey slide. Kids tired and dirty but happy. Such a good feeling


they have played and played “just like we used too” !! And the picnic blanket was used. Fresh air Fresh minds.


Discovering Quilting

I have discovered a new passion for quilting. I have shown how to make a really simple quilted picnic blanket in my recent blog. BUT If you are itching to try out some more quilting styles I want to share with you a really easy tutorial web site which has given me loads of tips on quilting, and I just love her american accent and passion for sewing check out missouri quilt company – Google Search

Sewing School

Today I went to sewing school!! I went on a bag making day with my middle daughter and a good friend of mine and her daughter.

Most of what I sew is all self taught so it’s really good idea to go on any courses you can. I learned a few new sewing tricks. It’s really good too if you can go with a friend so it’s not too daunting!!

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