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 Hi and welcome to my blog !

let me tell you a bit about me and my life. I am a mum of three children, one dog, three guinea pigs and a husband!! We live in a beautiful part of Wales right by the beach. I work part-time in a hospital and I started sewing as a hobby at to keep my mind active and to get myself out of a low period in my life. I believe in the “big man up in the sky” and I try my best to lead a life he would be happy with!!

I try to sew whenever I have a spare hour or two around family life. I crochet a little bit too, mostly blankets and granny squares. Monday is my favourite day to sew and craft as I meet my “Monday girls” around my kitchen table where we sew and crochet together. Generally if I can make it I will try my very best and have a go!


I love to make things simple and if I can make things easier than the pattern says I will and I often make up my own patterns to simplify things. I am a great believer in “just having a go” and if the project ends up slightly different than the original plan it doesn’t matter, at least you’ve had fun trying!. I love to use old and new fabrics and up cycle / recycle as much as I can. I have a good old rummage in charity shops and boot sales for old vintage fabrics. I also buy new too (probably too much) I’m a bit of a fabric addict to be honest.

Picnic by the beach
Picnic by the beach

So I really hope you find my blog simple and easy and most of all friendly.

My Yellow teapot
My Yellow teapot





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  1. hello, this sounds really exciting I look forward to more posts, I too have a fabric and wool obsession……bring on the sewing x x

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