Cute and Simple Fabric Box

Super simple little fabric box. To help get my sewing ideas going I love to look at Pinterest, Etsy, magazines (I love Molly Makes) there are hundreds of really good sewing ideas and free patterns. I “tweak”  things to suit me and my level of sewing (which is simple) and it doesn’t have to end up perfect. The main aim of sewing at home for me is it’s a hobby to enjoy.finished finished 1boat2

For this little fabric box project you do not even need a sewing machine although I have used one as its quicker.

As I have said I like to make things easy so here’s my “tweaked” pattern.

:You will need two pieces of contrasting fabric- the lining needs to be a cotton type, but the outer part of the bag should be thicker fabric or even a oilcloth , Gift bag and sewing thread,

1: Here is my “tweaked bit” Find any old paper (smallish) gift bag that you don’t mind cutting up. Here’s the one I bag2: cut straight down the sides of the bag until you get to the bottom. Turn your scissors to cut from middle to back , middle to front on each side of bag and your bag should open out as the picture shows.

gift bag 2gift bag 3

3: Now you have your basic “easy peasy” fabric box pattern!

4:Draw around your pattern twice to make two pieces as the pictures show below. I would suggest you use a thick “cotton duck” or even oilcloth type fabric for the outer part of the box. The lining can be a thinner fabric I used some old cotton sheet from a pillow case for the lining. (I like to up cycle as much as I can)

cut out 2 cut out

5: Now for the fun sewing !! Turn each piece of fabric over right sides in. and sew down each side  making sure to STOP at the bottom. See the picture below you only want to sew where the pins are.


6: Now its time to make the square bottoms of the box. Turn the sewn fabric as shown in the picture to make your corner. sew along that seam.

corner 3corner 2corner 1

7: So you should end up with two separate box pieces, the inner lining and the outer box.

8: Turn the inner lining right way around leaving the outer part of the box as it is as shown in the photos below.


9: Now its time to get this little box finished. Put the lining inside the outer part of the box as shown in the photo below.

insides 2 inside 4

10: On the last leg now!! now all you need to do is sew together the top of box together making sure to leave a small opening to turn the outer part of the box the right way out.


11: Now turn the box the right way around by pulling the fabric through the opening and hey presto you have your fabric box.

boxbox 2

12: Now finish off the top edge of the box by folding the opening at the top in and sewing around the top to neaten it off.finished

I hope you enjoyed sewing this and if your really feeling clever just find yourself a bigger gift bag as a pattern and pop some handles on it to make a bag or just a bigger fabric box.

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