Simple Crochet Tutorial

photo (3)
Multicolour Crochet blanket
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Granny Squares
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Using up balls of wool

I have another crafty love which is crochet. I am a simple crochet lover and have made many beautiful crochet items for my home and for friends. I find it very relaxing and a great thing for me when I’m stressed or feeling low, my brain only has to think about my crochet stitches I am doing, everything else Swirling around in my brain has to wait as I’m so engrossed in my stitches!! I now meet with a group of friends around my kitchen table usually eating too much cake while we crochet.

The pictures are just a few things I have made.

Once I’d mastered a few simple stitches I just had a go at what I fancied. I self taught myself from watching youtube channels and reading simple steps in crochet magazines and I just built up my skills from there. My lovely auntie also showed me some techniques which helped me along the way. I love crochet as its easily transportable too! all I need is my hook and my ball of (4)

There are loads of tutorials out there and you need to find the best one for you. I tend to look at a few different ones showing the same thing to give me an overall idea.

This is a really simple youtube crochet tutorial you can follow to teach yourself the basics. Once you’ve got the basics under your belt move on to the next simple stitch. This tutorial is from

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