Slightly button obsessed

I have a larger than large, steadily growing button mountain!! I’m not sure what started my love for all things button shaped but it’s slowly taking over my craft room, along with the fabric and wool. So you will understand my excitement when my friend introduced me to a local ceramic crafter (Gill Bramley Ceramics) who makes ceramic buttons and beautiful ceramic products, and even better, she lives just down the road !!Framed button pictureimage

After I collected my lovely ceramic buttons, It got me thinking about my local “entrepreneurial crafty people” busy in their sheds, craft rooms and garages beavering away, and how important it is for me to try to support them where I can.

This also runs over to local independent shops, businesses and  cafés too- But that’s another blog!!!

I admit I buy from my local “big chain” haberdashery and I enjoy wandering aimlessly around them, probably a bit too much if you ask my nearest and dearest! But I love to buy from local crafter’s too where I can. I genuinely appreciate the hard work and passion that goes into just one hand crafted item!!

I  hope that by supporting them I do my bit to help boost my local economy and help support local jobs (and in this financial climate a job is precious). I also get some lovely perks too! with some unique and quirky “one off ” items which I much prefer. Quite often I get a better quality item and something  that really does last a life time. So… now I don’t feel too bad at all about my button purchase and the fact that I’ve already ordered some more buttons off Gill today. Helenx


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