Vintage Welsh blanket : free tutorial on pretty crochet edging.

I love Vintage Welsh blankets and the history they have. I remember the woollen smell so vividly when sitting around by Nanas knees as a child. I love the sewing projects out there which use Welsh blankets BUT… I only use  blankets that are worn and holey ! and needs a new lease of life. For this project I have a ebay Vintage Welsh blanket find that was cut in two pieces!  I’m going to show you how to make a pretty crochet edge. This technique can be applied to any blanket or throw.


You can find loads of beautiful blankets at Jane Beck the owner has a great selection of blankets and also a great love for the heritage of them too. If you want to find the worn and tired ones just keep your eyes peeled in charity shops, ebay, Gumtree, family attics and antique fayers.

You will need : Large darning needle (needs to be fairly sharp) crochet hook 5cm or 4cm,Thin wool or embroidery thread, wool for the crocheting I used a cotton type yarn that’s not too fluffy. they’ve got a good selection in hobbycraft and some precious thinking time as you stitch.

1.Trim around the blanket and if you want to you can sew a straight stitch around the edge to limit fraying.I didn’t need to as when you cut Vintage welsh wool it doesn’t fray.

2. Using a large needle blanket stitch all the way around the blanket with the thin wool or embroidery thread. Leave at least 1/2 inch between stitches. This takes a little time so relax and think positive thoughts whilst your stitching!!

couldn’t find a better example on blanket stitch than-

Blanket stitch

3.Once you’ve completed the blanket stitching its time to pretty the edging with some crochet.

4.Using either a 4 cm or 5 cm crochet hook crochet two double crochets into the blanket stitch. The steps below by give excellent directions on how to double crochet.

5. keep double crocheting twice in the blanket stitch until you get to the corners.

Betsy gets onto all of my projects !
Double crochet twice into blanket stitch

6. when you get to the corner crochet your two double crochets, then chain two, then crochet two more double crochets before you move down the other side, that makes a neat corner.

7. Once you’ve crochet all the way around. do it all again but this time just do one double crochet.

Here she is again !!
second row of double crochet

8. Finished and how pretty does that edging look ! and this can be applied to edge almost anything and any type of woollen blanket. If you are tempted to use more difficult crotchet stitches ? try out some that are shown on the websites/ blogs I’ve mentioned above


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