Easter time new life new beginnings

Today we walked up to one of the highest points in my beautiful city and it was breathtakingly beautiful. Along the way we saw Lamb twins and a newly born wobbly legged foal !

Picnic by the beach
Picnic by the beach


image image

Spring time !

These new Easter born babies got me thinking that whatever a persons faith or belief Easter time seems to just breathe new life wherever you look!! ¬†For me its a reminder that once “the stone was rolled away” new life began.

There’s no getting away from spring…. it’s the time of year, like it or not, we are pulled out of winter dusted off and reminded in nature that life goes on because that’s the rules! even if we are standing still… and if your standing still? well just stand and breathe in spring air, and I hope you gain some comfort and strength from the new beginnings and start taking some steps.

Which reminds me I must make some more Picnic blankets as summers fast approaching!!!





2 thoughts on “Easter time new life new beginnings

  1. I love spring its true you cant get away from it, its inspirired me to get out there and do more exercise, there is nothing like a spring walk or jog.

  2. I love your perspective! Yes, I absolutely delight in the breath of fresh air that spring brings – – both literally and figuratively. It’s a great time to begin again! Thanks for your comment on my Facebook page. Love your work over here. Keep on keeping on!

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