DIY cards -Mothers Day Card

Crafty Card Birds

This little sewing project is a simple VERY cheap mothers day card. If you are the type of mum who’s left alone, still enjoying themselves, at the kids craft table while the kids have got bored and gone to watch T.V !! – well  this project is for you. I’ve made one for my mum and I’m 40 and I love how they look and they can be used for any occasions-new baby, wedding or for Grandparents.There is loads of similar projects on Pinterest but this one is from my head and tweaked around a bit to suit me. As with all my projects feel free to change things around to suit you, now lets show you how. Continue reading

Cute and Simple Fabric Box


Super simple little fabric box. To help get my sewing ideas going I love to look at Pinterest, Etsy, magazines (I love Molly Makes) there are hundreds of really good sewing ideas and free patterns. I “tweak”  things to suit me and my level of sewing (which is simple) and it doesn’t have to end up perfect. The main aim of sewing at home for me is it’s a hobby to enjoy. Continue reading